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Scratch is a visual programming environment that allows students to easily learn the constructs of computer programming that the environment provides. It comes with an extensive library of programs that can be deconstructed to allow the relativly rapid uptake of a basic understanding of programming.


To download the program (which is free) and the resources, go to http://scratch.mit.edu/


The intention of this unit is to provide a framework that teachers can use to teach the fundamentals of programming to students using the Scratch environment.


These fundamentals revolve around Sequence, Iteration and Decision Making. Although limited in the framework, some concept of variables, event processing and message passing will also be demonstrated. What I intend to do is to provide a basis for introducing students to these concepts. See also http://scratch.mit.edu/files/program-concepts-v5.pdf for more information.


Before proceeding with the formal part of this document, students should be encouraged to try out the supplied library of programs and familiarise themselves with the documentation provided.


Course by Mike Leishman




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